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Virtual desktop distortion with larger 4:3 resolutions on host machine using VGA to HDMI adapter.

By @astigmatism
    2022-08-01 01:23:55.290Z2022-08-01 02:05:00.889Z

    Hello. I am testing various 4:3 desktop resolutions from older machines running Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. I am using the VGA to HDMI adapter sold with the Voyager 2.

    640x480 and 800x600 display correctly and operate very well.

    Some larger resolutions, namely 1024x768 and 1600x1200 appear distorted on the virtual desktop although the virtual keyboard and mouse remain operational. Oddly, some large resolutions, namely 1280x1024 seem to work fine.

    I figure this might be a limitation of the HDMI capture device or the VGA to HDMI adapter.

    Additionally, I own an OSSC for VGA to HMDI conversion and would like to test it in place of the provided unit. I'm hoping I can expect that work.

    Curious about your thoughts on the matter. Much appreciated as well.

    Example of a Windows 98 desktop at 1024x768 as seen in the browser by the Tiny Pilot software:

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    1. A
        2022-08-01 01:47:51.677Z2022-08-01 02:23:45.950Z

        Good news to anyone who might discover this ticket in the future: the issues were squarely with the VGA to HDMI adapter sold with the Tiny Pilot product.

        Using the Open Source Scan Converter (OSSC) device for VGA to HDMI instead of the converter sold with the Tiny Pilot, I was able to view the aforementioned 4:3 resolutions without distortion. Keep this in mind when ordering! :)

        Here is the same host using the OSSC device at 1024x768:

        1. Glad you got it working!

          I'm not sure if you just received a dud VGA adapter or Win98 is wacky enough to confuse even a functional adapter, but I've refunded the adapter from your order.

          I'd never heard of OSSC before, but that's a cool device!

          1. A@astigmatism
              2022-08-01 21:42:17.975Z

              Wow! Thanks Michael!