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Access browser within from tinypilot

By John Sikora @johnsikora
    2022-08-01 03:30:16.040Z

    I have a hunch the answer to this is no but I'll ask anyway. Is there a way to allow a user to access the browser on the network that the Tinypilot is on at the remote location.

    I know the first response is why not just access the browser from the PC that the Tinypilot is attached to. My problem is that the PC is hung and the power recycle is not port forwarded outside the network.

    So, I need access to the network that the Tinypilot is on to issue a local URL to gain access to the power strip.

    Don't ask why I can't just port forward the power switch. It's a long and ugly story from the service provider of the network (not their fault). :)

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. J
      John Sikora @johnsikora
        2022-08-01 12:50:02.837Z

        Answered my own question. I was able to set up a SSH service under Then use SSH to invoke the CURL program to send a URL over to the digitalloggers power strip to cycle the power outlet which powered the PC in question. I'm a Windows guy with not a lot of LINUX experience so it took awhile but did work. Thanks again for the great product.

        1. Glad you got it working, and good to hear about Digital Loggers! I've been interested in their product for an integration with TinyPilot so we can have an official way to control power. Sounds promising that you were able to control it pretty easily via curl.

          If you ever run into issues with, you can do the same thing with Tailscale or ZeroTier. My personal favorite is Tailscale. I use their Windows client, and I've had good experience.

        2. J
          In reply tojohnsikora:
          John Sikora @johnsikora
            2022-08-01 21:51:01.134Z

            I was looking at Tailscale. What version of Raspberry Pi matches the Tailscale client?

            1. Any Pi running the Raspberry Pi OS (aka Raspbian) should work with Tailscale. We have a tutorial on setting it up: