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Raspberry pi4 does not take keyboard inputs

By @jchandra
    2022-08-03 01:38:51.553Z


    I installed the tiny pilot and follow the instructions. However I can see the video output but my mouse or keyboard inputs are not sent over to the laptop. I do not know what I am doing wrong.

    Can anyone provide any suggestions? I tried on an intel NUC and a Dell laptop. both with the same problem. No mouse or keyboard inputs.

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    1. J
        2022-08-03 15:27:02.147Z

        Can anyone help on this? I invested some money hoping this works.

        1. Diego @diego
            2022-08-04 00:22:21.689Z

            Hello @jchandra - Thank you for posting your question in our Forum. I'm sorry you are having this issue.

            • As per the logs you submitted, I can see the following:
            Aug 03 02:33:45 raspberrypi python[1528]: BrokenPipeError: [Errno 108] Cannot send after transport endpoint shutdown
            Aug 03 02:33:45 raspberrypi python[594]: 2022-08-03 02:33:45.243 socket_api      ERROR [SENSITIVE] Failed to forward mouse event: Failed to write to HID interface: /dev/hidg1. Is USB cable connected? [/SENSITIVE]

            There appears to be a problem with the USB cable. Can you check the USB-C to USB-A cable between your TinyPilot device and the target computer? If you have it connected, would it be possible for you to replace the cable with a different one? The USB cable might be defective.

            • Would it be possible for you to share a cabling diagram of your current setup? That might helps troubleshooting a lot.
            1. J@jchandra
                2022-08-04 02:52:52.706Z

                Diego, firstly thank you for responding. It was a rookie mistake on my part, i swapped the USB-A to USB-C cable and it worked like a charm.
                I have one last question, I bought an external power supply for this , how can i co-exist the power supply along with USBA_to_USBC cable so it can emulate my keyboard/mouse?

                1. Diego @diego
                    2022-08-04 03:07:59.306Z2022-08-04 03:22:42.707Z

                    @jchandra - You might want to check this out: TinyPilot Power Connector. Although I'm not sure if we have it in stock. And since the power supply you bought uses a USB-C connector, you are going to need a microUSB to USB-C adapter (I don't have any recommendation about this item). If you're using this split connector, choose a USB-C to USB-A cable that's 12" or shorter to minimize voltage drop along the cable. You will also need a microUSB to USB-A cable.

                    1. J@jchandra
                        2022-08-04 03:34:52.214Z

                        Thank you Diego. I can return the power adaptor and find a USB A to micro USB cable and a corresponding power block. Can i use one of the two micro USB ports on the Pi to power the device?

                        Appreciate all the info, and sorry if these questions have been answered on other threads.

                        1. Diego @diego
                            2022-08-04 03:47:46.361Z

                            @jchandra - No problem! As far as I know, there are no microUSB ports on the Raspberry Pi 4B. There are two microHDMI ports, but those are for video. I'm not sure I understood what you mean here. Can you ellaborate, please? What are you trying to accomplish?

                            1. J@jchandra
                                2022-08-04 10:55:56.338Z

                                Sure. I would like to power the Pi externally and still use the keyboard/mouse through USB-C. Since your splitters are out of stock, is there a way to achieve it? Is there any other port on Pi other than the USB-C which can be used to power the pi?

                                Thank you so much for helping out!

                                1. Since your splitters are out of stock, is there a way to achieve it?

                                  We have them in stock. They'll ship immediately from the US:

                                  1. J@jchandra
                                      2022-08-09 18:07:29.463Z

                                      Hi There,

                                      So I bought the splitter from your website but now I am unable to find the micro-USB based charger for Pi4, do you have any suggestions?
                                      I had initially bought, but that is not valid anymore since the power inlet on the splitter is microUSB on the splitter.
                                      Can you please help? or is there a cable that you guys sell? Because I do not want to buy the wrong kind and blow up the pi4.

                                      Any help will be highly appreciated, I feel like I am at the tail end on getting this ready.


                                      1. Diego @diego
                                          2022-08-10 23:04:12.872Z

                                          Hey @jchandra - Unfortunately, we do not sell the cables. See this post for some cable and charger recommendations. Let me know if you have further questions and/or comments, I'll be glad to answer them!

                                          1. J@jchandra
                                              2022-08-15 22:50:50.231Z

                                              Thank you Diego, I had a charger block for a wireless phone charger stand which read 5V/3A, I ended up using it since it suits the build. Ordered the micro USB cables and got it connected and work. Your power splitter is doing a great, so this concludes my setup. I have used it for 8 hours straight for a week and the temperature on the Pi varies from 34-37 degrees and no low-voltage errors (bought a cooling case from amazon as suggested in the build). I am happy with it and hopefully it lasts a while.

                                              This thread can be closed now, thank you for all your help!

                                              1. Diego @diego
                                                  2022-08-15 23:24:09.552Z

                                                  @jchandra - That's great! I'm glad you were able to complete your setup! Let us know if you need anything else :)