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Mouse and Keyboard are not working

By Sherif Shaaban @sherifelmasry1
    2022-08-03 12:18:16.290Z2022-08-03 13:38:33.539Z

    Hello I found the mouse and Keyboard are not working, please help me asap ???

    it is give me error message -? USB is not recognize

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    1. In reply tosherifelmasry1:
      Diego @diego
        2022-08-04 00:33:40.214Z

        Hello @sherifelmasry1 - Thank you for posting your question in our Forum.

        I'm sorry you are having this issue.

        • Is this a brand new TinyPilot Voyager 2 that you are trying to setup?

        • Would it be possible for you to upload logs for me to review? This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response).

        • In Device Manager, have you tried disabling the device and then enabling it again? Can you also try rebooting the Windows machine?

        1. SSherif Shaaban @sherifelmasry1
            2022-08-04 00:41:09.599Z

            I made factory reset and it is working now.


            1. Diego @diego
                2022-08-04 00:44:12.960Z

                @sherifelmasry1 - Thank you for the update! I'm glad you got your issue resolved!

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