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Balena fails to create image

By John Sikora @johnsikora
    2022-08-03 14:38:53.274Z

    I downloaded the image to do a factory reset, but when I try to cut the image to a SD Balena fails. I've tried on two different chips. I also put a request into Balena support but thought I would see if this problem was encountered by other Tinypilot users. It's tinypilot Voyager.

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-08-04 00:27:06.945Z

        Hello @johnsikora - I'm sorry you are having this issue. I have never had issues myself, using Balena Etcher. You may want to check Rufus, another software that does the same thing.

        1. JJohn Sikora @johnsikora
            2022-08-04 13:55:44.646Z

            Thanks for the quick response. Rufus worked without a problem.

            1. Diego @diego
                2022-08-04 20:39:13.989Z

                @johnsikora - Thanks for the update! I'm glad you got it working.