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DVI to HDMI no longer works after upgrade.

By Derrick L Johnson @dj1
    2022-08-11 18:35:46.806Z

    DVI to HDMI displays colored screen after tinypilot upgrade.

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-08-11 22:21:23.829Z

        Hello @dj1 - Thank you for posting your question in our Forum.

        I'm sorry you are having this issue. I inspected the logs you uploaded.

        • It appears you are running TinyPilot version 2.4.0 but the latest version is 2.4.1. May I ask, how did you run the upgrade? Did it finish successfully?

        • I see a couple of these messages in your logs:

        Aug 11 18:19:48 eai-sync ustreamer[634]: -- ERROR [268.795    stream] -- Persistent device timeout (unplugged)

        That usually means there is a problem with the HDMI cable. Would it be possible for you to try a different HDMI cable? The one you are using right now may have gone defective.