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Mouse only moves fractional on Gigabyte BIOS

By amount sacred @amountsacred
    2022-08-14 08:43:46.810Z

    I use a Gigabyte Z690i DDR4 motherboard. When I put my mouse on the up left corner, the mouse on my remote machine is the same place.

    But when I move my mouse to the down right, it only moves about half of my actual movement. Therefore, when my mouse on the down right corner, the mouse on remote will be in the screen central.

    When I move further out of graphic area of webpage, the remote mouse stoped move. So I failed to move even further to reach the rest three quadrant of the BIOS page.

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-08-15 23:37:40.105Z

        Hello @amountsacred - Thank you for reporting your issue here in our Forum. I'm sorry you are having this problem.

        • Do you have mouse issues only while inside the BIOS, or does this also happen when the target machine is running the OS?

        • Would it be possible for you to upload logs for me to review? This is how you would upload them: TinyPilot web interface > System > Logs > Get Shareable URL (copy the URL it will give you and paste it in your response). It would be great if you could upload these logs while the problem is happening (i.e. while you are inside the BIOS).