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No data for Tiny Pilot

    2022-08-18 14:37:02.866Z

    Using Tiny Pilot is not getting any data over it connection.
    I have tried to change cables and updating the Tiny Pilot. In windows the Tiny Pilot is giving a code 43 error and when I go to get debug all is says is "write error: No space left on device".

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-08-18 20:46:07.369Z

        Hello @ANT - Thank you for posting your issue here in our Forum.

        I'm sorry you are having this issue. For what I can understand from your comments, it looks like your TinyPilot may have ran out of space.

        • Are you able to SSH in? The most likely place to look at would be /var/log. You could try deleting large log files to fix your problem. It would be great if you could inspect the files before deleting them, so as to know what's going on and why it is writing so many logs.

        • If the above doesn't work or if you are not able to SSH in, the other possible solution, though a bit inconvenient, would be to perform a factory reset. If you don't have a microSD writer, we can ship you a brand new microSD card with TinyPilot installed.

        1. A
          In reply toANT:
            2022-08-22 14:18:26.488Z

            I can SSH in, and that is how saw the error. I have only just got the TinyPilot so there shouldn't be any large log files there yet. I would like to get a need microSD shipped to me.

            1. Diego @diego
                2022-08-22 15:25:17.629Z

                @ANT - Someone from will contact you to arrange the shipment. Thank you!

                1. A@ANT
                    2022-08-22 16:02:47.664Z

                    Thank you Diego for your help.

                    1. Diego @diego
                        2022-08-22 16:04:55.278Z

                        @ANT - You are very welcome! Have a great day ahead!

                        1. Diego @diego
                            2022-08-25 01:44:36.153Z

                            Hey @ANT - I hope you are doing well today!

                            I was wondering (if it's not too much hassle), if you could perhaps try to inspect the system in the original microSD card. We have seen your issue a few times already, and we're very interested in knowing what's the root cause (i.e. what's using all the space in the filesystem). If it is log files, we would certainly appreciate a sample of the files involved.

                            Is this something you would be willing to do? Thanks and advance :)

                            1. A@ANT
                                2022-08-25 13:19:26.649Z

                                Hi Diego, I'm not the best with command lane, so if I missed something I do apologize. I know the microSD card needs to be a minimum of 8GB and TinyPilot ships with 32GB. With that being said there was a 29GB partition at 100% capacity. All other partition where mostly empty. Of that 27GB are in the /var/log. If there are any commands you would like me to run you can ask and I will my best to help.

                                1. Diego @diego
                                    2022-08-26 23:39:13.724Z

                                    @ANT - Thank you for your kind willingness to help us determine what the culprit here is. The following would be extremely helpful to us. It will collect which are the largest directories, and get a sample of the biggest files in /var/log. You would need to copy the whole snippet, and paste it in your terminal. Please copy the URL the command will give you after about one minute, and paste it in your response.

                                    (sudo du -h / | sort -rh | head -20; echo; \
                                      df -h; echo; df -ih; echo; \
                                      sudo du -hs /var/log/* | sort -rh | head; echo; \
                                      for file in `sudo du -hs /var/log/*.log | sort -rh | head | awk '{print $2}'`; \
                                        do echo ----------; echo ${file}:; echo; sudo tail -100 ${file}; echo; done) | \
                                      curl -F '_=<-'