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TinyPilot Voyager 2 hdmi output seems to be intermittent

By @reeman
    2022-09-11 17:03:48.390Z

    Hi there,

    I just received TinyPilot2 and been setting it up. I always have a hard time with the HDMI display (it's hdmi to hdmi) on multiple devices (a nuc, 2 laptops, a desktop) and multiple combination of cable brand (i have tried 8 different brands). I can only get it to work with 1 brand of hdmi that I have.

    It's not that it never work but when it does it's ok until next restart/reboot. Sometimes I need to unplug and replug the hdmi couple times, reboot both TinyPilot and the device, it doesn't seems there's any pattern to it. Error is always the "Persistent device timeout (unplugged)". It seems it's worse when it's trying to display bios. Sometimes the only way I can get it to work is to plug that in to the laptop, unplug replug, until it works, then quickly switch to the device i need to work with the bios.

    Do you think this is a hardware issue ? It's very unlikely with that many hdmi cables and multiple devices that it is the cable or the device. Please advise. I haven't tried any solution that change any software or the os, I like your opinion first before I tried such a thing.


    PS: It's a great device btw.

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-09-12 04:40:37.425Z

        Hello @reeman! Thank you for posting your questions here in our Forum. I'm very sorry you are having this kind of issue, that looks odd indeed.

        • What is the target machine you used when you uploaded logs? You mentioned a Intel NUC, 2 laptops and a desktop. We are going to have higher chances of figuring what the problem is, if we stick to just one machine for logs and tests. What is the primary target machine you bought the TinyPilot for?

        • I believe the intermittent issues you are experiencing may be caused by either one of these:

        1. Incompatible HDMI cable/s (the error "Persistent device timeout (unplugged)" is in general attributed to issues with HDMI cable). I understand you have tried 8 different brands and only 1 cable works, but even so, it would be great if you could try with yet another high-quality HDMI cable. We use and recommend Cable Matters brand, we rarely have issues with that one.
        2. Faulty hardware in the TinyPilot (which would be extremely rare as we test each unit before shipping, but still possible). It is worth noting that the logs you uploaded do not show this may be the case, but it is still an option I would consider.

        Either way, it would be wise to first verify the HDMI cable, for as strange as it sounds, most display issues are resolved by using the right HDMI cable. If you are unable to buy the brand I recommended, please send and e-mail to so we can find a resolution for you.

        PS: It's a great device btw.

        Thank you for the kind words! :)

        1. R@reeman
            2022-09-17 20:41:36.748Z2022-09-18 03:31:13.415Z

            Hi Diego,
            I will try to order new cable from Cable Matters link above. Although I'm planning to use TinyPilot with various devices, but I will try to stick to this firewall box I am trying to setup. The log attached is from this device. But all the devices I mentioned above also have the same error 'Persistant device timeout'. Will report back. TY.

            1. In reply todiego:
                2022-09-21 04:22:47.232Z

                Just want to let you know, the cable brand you suggested works much better. There's only a few occasion on my test when I unplug-replug in different devices it didn't display the screen, but just unplug-replug again will work. I just chalk this up to just how hdmi and various devices quirkiness in general. But thank you for your suggestion, I consider this issue resolved.

                1. @reeman - Thanks for following up! I'm glad to hear it's working.