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Passthrough Storage For Backups

By Paul DiMaggio @pldmgg
    2022-09-19 22:21:16.203Z

    I use Veeam Windows/Linux Agent to backup my client machines. If I ever need to do a restore, step 1 is to boot from the VeeamRecovery.iso (which would be loaded via TinyPilot). Step 2 would be to tell Veeam Recovery to grab my backups from a network share...but it would be awesome if I could passthrough an external hard drive connected to TinyPilot that has my backups so that Veeam Recovery sees it as connected via USB.

    Also, being able to passthrough storage in this way would make it easier to use "dd" to do a full disk backup while I'm booted into a recovery .iso.

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    1. David @david2022-09-21 18:52:22.154Z

      Hi @pauldimaggio, thanks for the suggestion!

      I've added an internal ticket for your USB passthrough suggestion, noting your use case of restoring from backups. It doesn't look like we've had that feature request before, so it's not part of our short-term roadmap right now. We're always working to improve TinyPilot's software, prioritizing features based on user demand. So we'll definitely consider your suggestion in our future planning.