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Display not clear enough to be readable.

By Maken @alimaken
    2022-09-21 20:53:02.037Z

    hi first of all I want to thank you for such a wonderful project and product. I will come straight to the point. I have setup a POC of the tinypilot and using h264 configuration connecting it to my HP laptop. Display is not very clear/blurry on tinypilot display are there any options that I can modify. Logs can be seen at following link.

    added following two images for how I see those on screen. I am using HDMI monitor.

    Let me know if there is another config that I can share you want me to look at.

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    1. Diego @diego
        2022-09-22 10:50:53.614Z2022-09-22 13:06:38.434Z

        Hello @alimaken - Thank you for posting your issue here in our Forum. I'm very sorry you are experiencing this.

        I'm not sure I understand you. Is everything blurry? Have you tried looking at Display Settings in your Windows HP laptop? It sounds like Scale and Layout settings might be the problem. Is it possible for you to try different settings there?

        1. K
          In reply toalimaken:
            2022-09-22 13:42:31.255Z2022-09-22 17:07:24.268Z

            disable windows LCD "font smoothing" under windows > control panel > advanced... something like that. Also try to disable ClearType.

            1. In reply toalimaken:
              David @david2022-09-22 13:54:09.184Z

              Hi @alimaken, just to add to @diego's reply, I think it's likely that the issue is with your JPEG quality settings. Your logs suggest that you currently have it set to 50%.

              Can you follow these steps but change the image quality to 80% and see if that solves your image quality issue?