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Device is not turning on

By Milan kumar Das @Milankumardas
    2022-09-30 14:16:19.123Z

    My new tinypilot is not powering on . Please help .

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    1. David @david2022-09-30 19:45:59.247Z

      Hi @Milankumardas, sorry that your TinyPilot isn't turning on.

      Are you powering your TinyPilot over Ethernet, or from the power supply?

      Do you get any flashing LEDs at all?

      1. MMilan kumar Das @Milankumardas
          2022-09-30 20:34:26.192Z

          Hi David , Thanks for your response. I just got this "TinyPilot Voyager 2" 15 days back. This was working seamlessly till yesterday after that it suddenly stopped. there is no power led blinking or backside ethernet not blinking. I'm using the power adapter given with this device to power on.

          1. David @david2022-10-03 14:38:01.513Z

            Thanks for sharing that info.

            I'd like to try and determine whether the power adapter or your TinyPilot is the cause of the issue. Can you help by doing a few troubleshooting steps?

            1. Can you disconnect all of your TinyPilot's cables, and then plug-in only the USB-C cable from the power adapter into the TinyPilot's 'Power' port? Does the red power LED turn on?

            2. If that doesn't work, can you try plugging-in another USB-C adapter (e.g., a smart phone charger or a Macbook charger) into the TinyPilot's 'Power' port. Does the red power LED turn on in that case?

            3. Finally, can you try plugging-in your TinyPilot power adapter into another device (e.g., a smart phone)? Does the power adapter power the other device?

            1. MMilan kumar Das @Milankumardas
                2022-10-03 16:58:37.063Z

                Hi David ,
                Thanks for all the steps . I plugged into another power cable with type-c it worked. Is there way that I can get a replacement for this adaptor until I use mine .

                Thank you ,

                1. David @david2022-10-03 18:36:42.854Z

                  Hi Milan, thanks testing that.

                  I've passed your details along to the fulfillment team. They will send you an email to get that sorted.