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How many Device/ Workstation Connected or login with Voyager 2

By Md Byzid Bostame @byzid
    2022-10-05 20:43:45.990Z

    How many Device/ Workstations Connected or login with Voyager 2

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    1. David @david2022-10-06 11:11:41.826Z

      Hi @byzid, thanks for another question!

      By default TinyPilot manages a single target machine. However, you can physically disconnect TinyPilot from one machine and connect to another machine to manage more if that suits your needs.

      TinyPilot can manage additional machines, but you will need to add another KVM to the setup to enable switching between them. We have a document listing KVM compatibility which might be useful. The total number of machines that can be managed are dependent on the KVM that you add to the chain. From our current "Full compatibility" list, there are 4-port and 8-port KVMs that are compatible with TinyPilot.