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New device not able to access

By Ashish Tandon @ashish101
    2021-04-13 17:00:49.315Z

    I have just received the device I am unable to access the same.
    Below is my screenshot

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    1. Thanks for reporting!

      Can you describe your network setup? What is the network connection between the TinyPilot and the computer you're trying to access it from?

      If you log into your router, can you see the TinyPilot host on your network?

      1. AAshish Tandon @ashish101
          2021-04-13 18:50:36.913Z
          1. Your router shows the tinypilot's IP address as Are you able to ping that IP from your client machine (the one where you have Firefox open)? Can you access hit from your browser?

            My guess is that your tinypilot and your client machine are on different networks that aren't talking directly to each other.

            1. AAshish Tandon @ashish101
                2021-04-13 20:00:06.888Z

                I was able to get access using the IP thanks