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Can I access KVM from internet with VPN

By @njman
    2022-10-10 23:40:41.219Z

    If I have a laptop in US on my VPN and another laptop in Europe on the same VPN , are they both considered to be on the local network and I can just access the US laptop in Europe using the tinypilot url? Or do I need to still use cloud solutions, remoteIT etc?

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    1. David @david2022-10-11 09:16:00.652Z2022-10-11 12:47:03.541Z

      Hi @njman, thanks for your question.

      I think it depends on the VPN service that you have. Some commercial VPN services are designed for privacy instead of secure networking between devices, so they don't allow access to devices on the same VPN.

      To test whether your VPN service permits access, you can try pinging laptop A from laptop B on the VPN. If that works, you should be able to add your TinyPilot to the VPN and access it as if it's your local network.

      However, if accessing your TinyPilot through your current VPN fails, I would recommend setting up with cloud access.