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how to connect 2 server

By @jaypeepoy
    2022-10-18 23:02:23.892Z

    In my home network, how to connect 2 target machines? need a 2 tiny piolet?
    then,how can i identify target 1 to one laptop and target 2 in another laptop?
    I have only one internet connection in my home.

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    1. C
        2022-10-18 23:27:32.069Z

        Yeah, you would need two raspberry pi's with tiny pilot installed. You could identify target machines 1 and 2 by their IP addresses

        1. C
          In reply tojaypeepoy:

          Hi @jaypeepoy - thanks for reaching out with your question about multiple devices!

          Each TinyPilot accepts a single HDMI input and offers a single USB output (to provide mouse and keyboard support). You'll therefore need one TinyPilot for each device you want to connect with.

          On your local network you can identify a TinyPilot by either it's hostname or IP address. If you'd like to you can easily change the hostname to something memorable from the web interface by going to System->Hostname. We don't offer a cloud service for access over the internet just yet but there are third party options you could explore.

          I hope this helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!