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Use TinyPilot to remote my PC instead of software remote software while I'm away from the office

By @zeldagames
    2022-10-19 19:53:16.699Z

    Can this be done?

    my thinking is I would need 3 things

    • The TinyPilot
    • an HDMI Splitter so I could see my screen while I'm in the office and the TinyPilot has the HDM as well to access while I'm away
    • Possibly an LTE router for internet access to the TinyPilot as my company locks down LAN and Wifi

    I only need keyboard mouse and screen to check stuff to make it look like im in the office

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    1. David @david2022-10-20 15:28:05.136Z

      Hi @zeldagames, thanks for your question!

      Accessing a PC over the internet with TinyPilot is quite a common use case. You will also need to use a cloud VPN service to access your TinyPilot over the internet.

      Your setup with the splitter should be fine. We've also had a few people ask about using cellular modems to give their TinyPilot internet access. It should be possible, but we've never tried it. So I can't guarantee whether it would work.

      Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.