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No video output before Windows boot

By @techypilot
    2022-10-25 16:48:06.346Z

    We have purchased a TinyPilot Voyager 2 with the intention of connecting/controlling Dell Latitude laptops at a remote site.

    We have tested the setup we were planning locally, and we have found that when the laptop reboots, the TinyPilot web portal displays “No Signal”, and we are unable to see/control any pre-Windows screens e.g. the BIOS, Bitlocker PIN entry screens etc. When the laptop boots into Windows, the TinyPilot then begins displaying video output once again.

    Please could you assist us with enabling the TinyPilot to display video output before Windows boots on the web portal?

    Our devices are all Dell Latitude (2018 onwards) models range.

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      Hi @techypilot - thanks for reaching out to us about video output before Windows boots!

      Unfortunately some laptops refuse to output to an external display before Windows starts up. Can you get the laptop to display on a physical monitor or take input from a USB keyboard before Windows boots? If not then it's unlikely that TinyPilot will be able to control the laptop in pre-boot or BIOS.

      I don't have a Dell Latitude laptop available to test but I am aware that some laptops let you configure this behaviour. I tried searching online but wasn't able to confirm if that's the case for this particular model.

      Please let me know if you have any questions!