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Mouse not working through KVM

By Eric Stauffacher @estauffacher
    2022-10-26 13:04:05.059Z

    I have an 8 port KVM with Hotkey switching. It allows me to press some keys on my keyboard to switch to another port on the KVM. This is very handy. However, the Mouse on the TinyPilot Voyager 2 will not work through the USB port on the KVM that allows the HotKey switching. Is there a way to change the way the mouse works, or have the ability to split off the mouse to a separate USB port? A little more information. The mouse and keyboard work perfectly fine if I use them in the USB port on the KVM that does not allow the HotKey switching.


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    1. E
      Eric Stauffacher @estauffacher
        2022-10-26 13:44:56.894Z
        1. David @david2022-10-26 17:53:46.250Z

          Hi @estauffacher, sorry about this issue with your KVM. And thanks for sharing those logs!

          Connecting to KVM is tricky because they often expect separate connections for a mouse and keyboard. TinyPilot presents itself to the target computer as a USB hub with a keyboard and mouse attached.

          Which port on the KVM are you connecting to TinyPilot? Some KVMs have a special port for “USB device,” and that port often supports TinyPilot’s full functionality when other ports don’t. So you might need to change the USB port you're connecting to.

          Can you let me know what brand and model of KVM you're using too? We have a Wiki on the TinyPilot GitHub page where we keep track of KVMs that users have used in the past.

          1. EEric Stauffacher @estauffacher
              2022-10-26 20:27:53.625Z

              Yes TinyPilot works fine when plugged into the standard USB port on the KVM, but using those ports does not allow me to use the Hotkeys to change ports on the KVM. The manufacturer is TESmart. The model of KVM is HKS0801A1U. The KVM company sent me an article for PiKVM to switch the mouse so it would work with their ports. Here is a link I am not familiar with the Pi or how it's programming/terminal work. So I am absolutely no good in this situation.


              1. David @david2022-10-27 12:00:38.040Z

                Thanks for the info!

                Unfortunately, the link they sent you is for switching mouse modes on PiKVM, and so that's not something we can do with TinyPilot. And I'm not sure it would help with the hotkey switching.

                The TESmart HKS0801A1U is on our KVM wiki as Limited compatibility. With notes about Hotkey switching working via IP/RS232. Which seems to mean that KVM switching doesn't work with the keyboard via TinyPilot.

                The wiki also has links (they're currently broken, but I'll update them) to the TESmart downloads page for some control panel software which might be how you can switch without using a hotkey. The new TESmart downloads page is here, and it looks like it the control panel that supports the HKS0801A1U is: 8x1-HDMI-KVM-Control-panel.rar.

                I'm not 100% sure, and I can't test it myself, but you might be able to switch using that control panel software. Is that something you can try?

                1. EEric Stauffacher @estauffacher
                    2022-10-27 12:13:29.373Z

                    Thank you for checking. I was able to install that software and it does work. I'll try to work with their API to create a URL switching solution. The software does work. I have verified. Putting the Tiny Pilot in the standard USB port and using this software is a solution.

                    Thank you again

                    1. David @david2022-10-27 12:19:53.464Z

                      Fantastic! Thanks for checking and letting me know. I'll add this info to the note on the wiki.

                      1. EEric Stauffacher @estauffacher
                          2022-10-27 13:19:22.934Z

                          Can I make an enhancement request? I would like to be able to upload and run a script from the TinyPilot. Here is my use case. I would like to create a script that would connect to my KVM over IP and send it an array of bytes to tell it to switch ports. I have already created a PowerShell script to do this. Although, I realize that won't work on a pi. For me it would be nice to be able to upload 8 script files. 1 for each port on this KVM I have. Then be able to execute those scripts right through TinyPilot.


                          1. David @david2022-10-27 16:14:39.060Z

                            Of course! We're always welcoming of feature requests and suggestions.

                            We haven't had a request for a feature to upload and run scripts before, so I created a new feature request on our TinyPilot GitHub issues page pointing to this thread and your suggestion. You can subscribe to notifications on the issue if you'd like.

                            A potential solution here would be to write your scripts as bash scripts, upload them to your device with a tool like scp, and then execute them as needed via an SSH connection to your TinyPilot.