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Can't connect with 2 TinyPilots

By @jaypeepoy
    2022-10-26 14:28:46.556Z

    Already i connect one Tiny Pilot with one target machine1. I try to connect new Tiny Pilot for new target machine 2. But in my 2nd computer showing only 1st target,not showing 2 nd target also giving error 404

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    1. David @david2022-10-26 18:04:46.232Z

      Hi @jaypeepoy, sorry that you're running into this issue.

      Can I confirm your setup? You have 2 TinyPilots, and 2 different target computers. And all of these devices are on the same network. Is that right?

      Are you able to connect to the web interface of both TinyPilots by using their IP addresses in your browser's address bar?

      1. J@jaypeepoy
          2022-10-26 18:32:03.157Z

          Hi i found 2nd tinypilot ip address then type the same url. now it is working fine. Thanks.

          1. David @david2022-10-27 11:25:52.927Z

            No problem!

            If you want to access each TinyPilot by using a URL instead of the IP address, you can change the hostname on each of your TinyPilots.

            On the TinyPilot web interface, go to System > Hostname, enter the new hostname for the device (perhaps tinypilot1), and then click Change and Restart. Then do the same on the other TinyPilot's web interface, using a name like tinypilot2.

            With different hostnames on each device you will be able to access your TinyPilots with https://tinypilot1.local and https://tinypilot2.local.