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Adding ALT+SysRQ key combinations would be a great addition (like pikvm has now)

By Roberto Hradec @rhradec
    2022-10-26 19:25:42.130Z

    The Linux Magic System Request Key Hacks ( is just a fantastic way to interact with Linux when it's being "naughty".

    PiKvm has it implemented in their "Shortcuts" menu, and I have used it loads of time to reboot a machine (B) that doesn't respond to cltr+alt+del, making sure it flushes disk cache before (S).

    SysRq is a lifesaver, specially without physical access to a machine!

    my 2 cents...

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      Hi Roberto - thanks for your question about the Magic SysRq combination!

      I've been digging into this and it looks like this is a regression. I've raised a bug to get it fixed. The GitHub Issue is public so you can subscribe for notifications if you'd like to do so.

      I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!