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How can i use tinypilot to show another external monitor besides the laptop monitor ?

By Ajay R Verma @AJ_KVM
    2022-10-30 22:37:31.062Z

    How can i use tinypilot to show another external monitor besides the laptop monitor ?

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    1. C

      Hi Ajay - thanks for your question about monitors!

      Your laptop will treat your TinyPilot device as if it is an external monitor, which means that it is up to your laptop to decide what video output it sends.

      Most laptops will let you choose between duplicating the internal monitor onto an external monitor or extending your desktop so that it spans both the internal and external monitors.

      I've never encountered a laptop that supports identical output to two external monitors. You might be able to use a HDMI splitter to feed the same signal from your laptop to both an external monitor and to your TinyPilot device.

      I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions!

      1. AAjay R Verma @AJ_KVM
          2022-10-31 03:04:02.754Z

          I think there is a confusion here. On my laptop which i connected tinypilot, it has one more external monitor attached which we use to open different excel files, etc. how can i configure the tinypilot, so it send both the screens ( laptop screen and external monitor.) to access.

          Currently, when i type "tinypilot" in the web browser, it only shows one screen ( which is the laptop screen)

          1. Thanks for the clarification!

            Unfortunately it isn't possible to view both the internal monitor and external monitor via your TinyPilot device at the same time. The reason for this is that only a single video signal is sent from your laptop to your TinyPilot device via the HDMI port. Your laptop will likely allow you to choose what signal it sends - either mirroring the internal monitor or extending your desktop - but it's unlikely it will allow you to aggregate both of your existing monitors or mirror a different external monitor.

            I appreciate it's not an ideal solution but a possible workaround might be to use hotkeys or change the laptop settings to disable the external monitor when you are connected via your TinyPilot device. The windows on your external monitor would then move across to your laptop monitor which would allow you to interact with them. You could then revert the settings when you're next using the laptop directly.

            Please let me know if you have any questions!