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Severe color distortion

By Alexis Gallagher @algal
    2022-11-04 18:38:52.677Z


    Trying to use TinyPilot to view the GUI presented by the Ubuntu live disk when you select "Try Ubuntu" but colors are so badly distorted its not usable. Is there a configuration to avoid this?

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      Hi Alexis - thank you for contacting us, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with color distortion.

      You mentioned that this happens when you select the "Try Ubuntu" option on a Live CD. Can you confirm if the BIOS, boot menu or (if present) already installed operating system have the same color distortion? It'd also be really helpful if you could send us your logs - you can do this from your TinyPilot device by going to System, then Logs and then clicking on the "Get Sharable URL" button.

      1. AAlexis Gallagher @algal
          2022-11-04 23:33:47.175Z

          I don't see it when viewing the UEFI boot manager GUI, the text scroll from booting into a non-GUI Ubuntu, or one of the Ubuntu installations on disc. I don't see it when I use grub2 to boot into Graphics Safe Mode on an Ubuntu Live image. I'll reproduce the issue and collects logs to send.

          1. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! It seems that Ubuntu and your TinyPilot device are having trouble setting the display mode.

            I've done some investigation and it seems that the behaviour you are seeing can happen due to a change in how Linux loads graphics drivers. You would normally be able to fix this by installing third party graphics drivers but that might not be an option on a Live CD.

            The "Safe Graphics" option reverts to the older way of loading graphics drivers and so it is likely the configuration option you need to use in this situation.

            1. AAlexis Gallagher @algal
                2022-11-05 04:45:29.318Z

                One problem is that safe mode presents such a small screen that the Live distribution’s windows don’t fit into the screen and I can’t see or click the ok or cancel button. So safe mode is not much use.

                This seems like a serious design flaw in Ubuntu

                1. I've been looking into this and I suspect that "Safe Graphics" mode defaults to a low resolution. You might be able to increase the resolution by right clicking on the desktop, choosing "Display Settings" and then selecting a larger resolution from the dropdown list. That would give you more room on the screen.

                  1. AAlexis Gallagher @algal
                      2022-11-15 04:13:30.905Z

                      Thanks. I’ll let you know if that works. But if I recall correctly, the GUI uses up too much of the screen to be able to access the control to change resolution.

                      For the moment I’ve tried the Debian and PopOS live installers and they seem to work fine with the TinyPilot; but I haven’t tried safe mode yet.

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                AAlexis Gallagher @algal
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