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By Julian Borghuis @julianb
    2022-11-06 14:05:48.532Z


    Question, does there need an videocard to make the usb keyboard to work?
    I have an raspberry pi3b and i have an usb a to usb a cable, should this just work without an video caption card plugged in? I have an video caption card buyed but still waiting for it.

    And is it over all possibile to use an usb a to usb a cable for the keyboard function?
    if not, how can i make this working with an raspberry pi 3b??

    Solved in post #4, click to view
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    1. In reply tojulianb:
      David @david2022-11-07 13:15:30.673Z

      Hi @julianb, thanks for your question!

      As far as I know, a capture device isn't required for you to use the keyboard functionality of TinyPilot.

      Unfortunately, TinyPilot requires the Pi to have a USB port with USB OTG functionality. The Pi 3 doesn't have USB OTG, so it can't emulate USB devices like the keyboard or mouse.

      TinyPilot is only officially supported on Raspberry Pi 4B. The Pi Zero and Zero W can run TinyPilot as well, though performance is slow, so we don’t offer official support for that hardware. You can find discussion of users experimenting with other hardware on our Github discussions.

      I hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      (I replaced my previous reply with this one to clarify the limitations.)

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