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Unable to control device with tiny pilot

By @remote2021-04-19 17:49:19.044Z2021-04-19 18:26:02.621Z


When I connect to tiny pilot I am able to see the scree of the device and it mirrors the device properly. However at the bottom left of the screen it says Disconnected and I am not able to control the device. The same issue happens when I connect it to a different device. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Solved in post #4, click to view
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  1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-04-19 21:12:43.183Z

    Hmm, the means that the browser wasn't able to establish a websockets connection with the TinyPilot in order to send keystrokes and mouse input.

    Can you share your application logs and check for any output in the browser JavaScript console?

    1. R@remote2021-04-20 15:43:53.843Z

      I am able to send key strokes when I ssh into the device. Logs and pictures have been sent to your email.

      1. Michael Lynch @michael2021-04-20 18:58:41.168Z

        Are you connecting through a proxy? In one of your screenshots, the browser is saying it doesn't understand the TLS response, which I've only seen happen when you're trying to access TinyPilot over a proxy or if you're trying to access its HTTPS port (443) over an http:// URL.

        In some of the screenshots, it looks like it's failing due to Safari not processing TinyPilot's JavaScript syntax, but it's because the Safari version is 13.1, which is now about a year old. Could you upgrade to Safari 14.0?

        1. R@remote2021-04-22 17:14:21.801Z

          After I updated it it seems to be working fine. thanks.