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Possible to run TinyPilot without a fan?

By Alexis Gallagher @algal
    2022-11-15 04:20:03.878Z

    I love my TinyPilot, which allowed me to shove my server into the basement where its noise would not disturb me.

    Then the dust in my basement killed the server, so I took the opportunity to moveit back to my office, along with the TinyPilot, and sadly discovered the TinyPilot itself is rather loud. The irony!

    Is it possible to run it without a fan, perhaps with reduced performance? Maybe with a case that was optimized for radiative cooling?

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    1. David @david2022-11-16 12:19:49.110Z

      Hi @algal, thanks for your question!

      I've passed your details along to our customer support team to help out with this - you should receive an email from them soon.