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Getting Disconnected After Adjusting the jpg Quality

By Jeff Smith @jts2045
    2022-11-17 02:36:20.177Z

    The device was working very well. I decided to adjust the jpg quality to see if I could improve latency. After I did the device started to and has continued to disconnect my session after a few minutes. Refreshing the browser and going past the certificate warning and I can get back in. Then a few minute later the same thing happens again.

    I reset the jpg quality back to where was but that did not help. The error message I am getting is - Failed to Load Default Video JPEG Quality // TypeError: Failed to fetch. I checked for updates and the response was I was already running the latest version. I power cycled the device and the machine, no difference.

    Please let me know what I should do next.

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    1. David @david2022-11-17 15:57:46.138Z

      Hi @jts2045, sorry that you're running into this disconnection issue.

      Can you share a link to your TinyPilot's logs for me to review?

      On your TinyPilot's web interface, navigate to System > Logs and then click Get Shareable URL. You can paste that link in your reply.

      1. JJeff Smith @jts2045
          2022-11-17 16:01:22.994Z

          Hello David... here is the link -

          1. David @david2022-11-17 18:56:01.664Z

            Thanks for sharing those! I can't see anything in there that points to any errors.

            Can you describe what happens when this disconnection happens? For example, does the TinyPilot web interface still function, but you can no-longer control the target device?

            1. JJeff Smith @jts2045
                2022-11-17 20:04:30.615Z

                Hello David,

                Yes that is true I can see the target device in the web browser but I can no longer control it.

                Things were working perfectly until I adjusted the jpg quality. After that I started having problems. I put it back to the factory defaults but that has not helped. What I am experiencing is after I bring up a session and I am connected, in about three minutes or so moving files around on the target machine the session goes to disconnected and there is a small circle with a red slash mark... like on a street sign, in place of the cursor. I can still see the screen but I cannot take any action. At that point I refresh the browser which takes me to the security warning screen which I go around which drops me back into the session as connected. Then,,, three minutes later the process is repeated. I can still do some work, but I have to stop every three minutes and process back in.

                There is an error message - Failed to Load Default Video JPEG Quality // TypeError: Failed to fetch. -- Maybe the data on the sd card has become corrupted? But that is a guess that I am basing on the error messages I can see on my screen. I could not get the screen grab to show the red circle.

                This error when it is locked up and I attempt to adjust the video settings...

                1. David @david2022-11-18 13:03:21.617Z2022-11-18 19:35:07.420Z

                  Thanks for sharing all that detail and those screenshots! That's super helpful.

                  Does the same issue appear if you use a different browser? I wonder if the current browser is periodically forgetting the security settings, causing the disconnection.

                  I agree that it could be an SD card corruption issue though. If possible, could you try re-flashing the SD card?

                  1. JJeff Smith @jts2045
                      2022-11-18 14:04:46.919Z

                      I will try using a different browser. I have also noticed that if I do not go full screen but make the window larger on my 2K monitor I do not get disconnected. Maybe there is an issue with rendering on a 2K monitor. For the most part I am getting around the problem by using Remote Desktop Connection. Just need Tiny Pilot when I need to boot the machine and do things in bios. Sometimes you just have to be at the console and that is where Tiny Pilot comes in very handy. So, I have a few options anyway.

                      Also I was reading an article that was speaking to using a USB has the boot drive as they were more reliable than the SD cards. Hear about that a lot when it comes to server hardware running VMs booting off flash drives.

                      I am pretty sure that if I were to restore the software back to where it was and not mess with the jpg quality I would never have a problem. It was when I made that change, that is when the problems started immediately.


                      1. David @david2022-11-18 19:43:58.830Z

                        It seems quite odd that the browser window size affects the issue. I haven't seen anything like that before. Can I ask which browser you are using?

                        Yes, you can boot from USB to help with reliability relative to an SD card. Another option would be to enable the read-only filesystem which can also increase SD card reliability.

                        1. JJeff Smith @jts2045
                            2022-11-18 19:54:51.521Z

                            I agree it is a bit odd... I am running chrome. I have not been using Tiny Pilot as much now that I have the machine up and can do RDC.

                            The only thing I know for sure is that right directly after changing the jpg quality slider the problem started right then. And, if while it is disconnected, attempt to change the video settings, you get this error message -- Failed to Load Default Video JPEG Quality // TypeError: Failed to fetch -- That clears after you go back in again.

                            The problem is not holding me up, so I will probably do the USB drive method after I get everything configured in this new machine. I suspect that will work well... and, I will not be touching that jpg quality slider after that. ;)

                            1. David @david2022-11-18 20:26:36.195Z

                              The "Disconnected" indicator on the TinyPilot web interface tells you whether your browser is connected to the TinyPilot, so the the failure to fetch the JPEG quality settings seems correct when it's disconnected.

                              I don't think you need to avoid changing the JPEG quality in the future - it feels like a coincidence. Maybe there's a chance that the reads/writes when changing the settings had an impact, but it equally could have been something else entirely.

                              I'd love an update on whether the re-flash / USB booting solves the issue!