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Setting a static IP

By Joey Verrett @joeyv
    2022-11-22 14:59:19.550Z

    My network does not give out DHCP how do I get in and set the IP for the device?

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      Eliah @Eliah
        2022-11-22 21:35:03.014Z

        The steps to set a static IP address are found here:

        1. In reply tojoeyv:
          David @david2022-11-23 15:03:16.516Z

          Hi @joeyv, thanks for your question!

          Would it be possible to bring your TinyPilot to a network that does use DHCP, and set a static IP using our 'How do I set a static IP address?' guide? That would likely be the simplest solution, but I understand if that's not something you can do.