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Mouse cursor always reverts to a single display in a multi display setup

By Azmat @azmat
    2022-11-24 13:31:33.565Z

    I recently purchased a TinyPilot Voyager2 to remotely manage a client target system. The target system is a Dell Latitude 5490 connected to an external monitor.

    When I connect the TinyPilot V2 to the target system in the extended display setup, everything works fine as far as keyboard and mouse are concerned. However the issue is in the display to the KVM. For some reason, however, in an extended display setup, TinyPilot will always "lock" the mouse cursor to only one of the displays. Even if I manually move the mouse to the KVM display, as soon as I move the mouse from the monitoring system, the cursor will jump back to display 1. I'm not sure if this is a "feature" of TinyPilot, but it is somewhat inconvenient.

    I can successfully use TinyPilot in a duplicated display setup, where the whereabouts of the mouse cursor is more deterministic, but the client prefers to keep the system in extended mode, which leaves me looking for a solution. Here's hoping this is something that's already been addressed! Thanks in advance!

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    1. David @david2022-11-25 12:55:18.942Z2022-11-25 15:22:38.679Z

      Hi @azmat, sorry that you're running into this mouse issue.

      It sounds like the problem could be how TinyPilot handles mouse input to the target machine. TinyPilot uses absolute positioning, rather than relative positioning. Meaning that a 0,0 position on the TinyPilot display maps to the 0,0 position on the target machine's desktop. In an extended display setup, that might not be on TinyPilot's display. We have an open GitHub issue to support relative mouse positioning, but there isn't a timeline for it yet.

      TinyPilot is rarely used in extended mode setups, so I haven't seen this specific issue come up before. I tried to reproduce the issue on my own machine (using a display + TinyPilot in extended display mode), but the behaviour was slightly different to yours. However, that was on a desktop machine, rather than a laptop. Laptops (or a different operating system) may have different behaviour here too.

      I'd be interested to see whether changing the position of the TinyPilot display relative to the other display(s) helps. Can you try moving your TinyPilot's display in the display settings so that it's the left-most display (or in other positions - top, bottom, right) to see if the behaviour changes?