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NO screen shown - just keyboard

By @MacUser1982
    2022-11-28 17:05:00.160Z

    I'm trying to get tinypilot to work with my MacBook Pro m1. I have it connected to an external screen it is mirrored there. When I connect the tinypilot and go to the URL, I get the keyboard but I don't see any screen. Here are my logs - hoping someone know how to fix this

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    1. M
        2022-11-29 13:35:51.300Z

        I did some more troubleshooting and found out what the issue is. 2 things. The HDMI Cable was defective but replacing it wasn't sufficient. It appears my HDMI port was also defective. When I used a USB-C to HDMI adapter, the TinyPilot worked perfectly. Hope this helps someone else.

        1. David @david2022-11-29 14:07:40.901Z2022-11-29 16:18:18.350Z

          Hi @MacUser1982, thanks for sharing an update! I'm glad you're up and running with an adapter.

          Have you confirmed that the HDMI port is defective by trying it with a different external display? I'm wondering if TinyPilot needs you to manually change the display settings on the laptop for it to display the image correctly.

          1. M@MacUser1982
              2022-11-29 15:50:24.430Z

              Yes I confirmed there is something wrong with the HDMI port built into my MacBook Pro M1. With a good cable and connected to a test monitor, it would not display properly. The image would glitch and display would go dark for a second and come back. This does not happen with the usb-c to HDMI adapter Im using.

              1. David @david2022-11-29 16:19:10.226Z

                Thanks for confirming! I wanted to check just in case your TinyPilot could be used natively without the adapter.