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In stock KVM switch?

By Ivan Smirnov @ivan
    2022-11-28 20:10:20.790Z

    Hi folks,

    Checking I see the top recommendations are out of stock.

    Does anyone have a working, in stock KVM for 4+ servers that they can share?


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    1. C

      Hi Ivan - thank you for reaching out to us with your question about KVM switches!

      It looks like the Greathtek GHT-S7412H-U2 and the MT-VIKI HK401 are currently available via Amazon US, so either of those might be a good option depending on your location (please let me know if you're in a different country that Amazon US won't ship to and we can look again).

      1. IIvan Smirnov @ivan
          2022-12-02 00:17:49.315Z

          Hey Charles - thank you for the info! I will order it and post back with results.


          • Ivan
          1. In reply tocghague:
            IIvan Smirnov @ivan
              2022-12-19 06:14:27.444Z

              Hey Charles - I ordered the switch and can confirm that it works.

              Note that the on-screen keyboard is too slow to trigger the Ctrl+Ctrl+{1-4 digit}+Enter sequence, but using the native keyboard plugged in to my PC I am able to get it to work.


              • Ivan
              1. Thanks for confirming! I’m pleased to hear that you’ve now got a working KVM.