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Remote Mouse cursor does not match position of remote mouse

By @joneskl
    2022-11-29 20:44:12.539Z

    My local mouse pointer and the remote mouse pointer are not aligned.
    At first I thought, oh well I'll just watch the remote mouse pointer.
    However, because of this not aligning, I can't get to the right quarter of the screen nor to the bottom quarter of the screen. The local mouse is way off the remote monitor image so the remote mouse stops moving.

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    1. C

      Hi @joneskl - thanks for your question, I'm sorry to hear your mouse pointer doesn't align with the remote mouse pointer.

      We've seen this occasionally on some older and unusual systems. Could you please let me know what operating system the target device is running? Can you please also post a link to your TinyPilot device's logs (you can generate this by going to System -> Logs and then clicking on Get Sharable URL).

      1. J
        In reply tojoneskl:
          2022-11-30 01:37:02.148Z

          Hi Ken,

          Sorry to hear about the mouse alignment issue!

          This seems to happen if the target device misreports its resolution to TinyPilot or if the target device misinterprets the mouse input from TinyPilot. Unfortunately, we don’t have a way of detecting when this happens.

          We have an open work item to try and develop a user-friendly solution for it, but we can’t yet offer a date when we expect to have this available.

          I'm sorry we don't have an available fix yet. I understand that this issue isn't ideal, so please let me know if you have further questions, or if you're unable to wait for a solution to the problem.

          1. J
            In reply tojoneskl:
              2022-11-30 01:43:30.587Z

              I think you're exactly right, It's a resolution thing. I tried setting it down to 1024x768 and works spot on.
              You're also correct it's different.
              It's a Digital Video Recorder. I'm not sure what the insides are. (Amateur)
              The software I use is xmeye and Its model N1008F. Probably no help there.


              But... It works fine for me for what I'm doing in 1024x768. So I'm all good and love it.

              It would be nice someday if there was a fix. Maybe just a way I hard tell tinypilot what resolution the device is, like manual or auto detect.

              Thanks for the help and great product : )

              1. J
                In reply tojoneskl:
                  2022-11-30 01:50:41.857Z

                  Here's another in the higher resolution where the mouse is off.
                  If it helps.


                  1. C
                    In reply tojoneskl:

                    Thanks for sharing these updates @joneskl - it's great to hear that selecting 1024x768 works for you! It looks like our customer support team have got this covered, but if you have any other questions please get back in touch with us.