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Cant access tiny pilot through a mobile or non desktop browser

By matthew shigley @Matt
    2021-04-21 23:54:16.319Z

    I am trying to access the tiny pilot url through a mobile phone and it dose not work, this is also the case for any non desktop browser.

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    1. Thanks for reporting this!

      Can you share more details? What do you see when you try to access TinyPilot from a mobile phone? What other device are you trying to access it from?

      1. Mmatthew shigley @Matt
          2021-04-26 10:44:27.738Z

          I was able to locate the tiny pilots ip on my network, and was able to then connect via typing the ip address but when I tried with the domain name is was unable to connect to it on my network. However there was a device that I tried to access the device with and was unable to access the device web interface, and that was through the microsoft holo lens and what the site looked like was none of the control interface was available and there was no image box the main body of the website was dead, the tiny pilot logo was in the top left of the screen but none of the buttons worked and the site was unresponsive.

          1. TinyPilot is only officially supported on desktop. It should work fine on mobile as well, but it's not something I can offer support for. I unfortunately don't have access to a Holo Lens to test with, so I can't offer support for that device.

            If you're unable to access the TinyPilot by hostname, it's most likely a configuration issue on the router. If your router supports dnsmasq, you may need to turn that on. You'd also want to verify that DHCP is running for your Wifi network.