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USB A to Serial Cable

By Brian @brian.ward
    2022-11-30 21:43:45.370Z

    Is there a possibility to add (From TinyPilot) USB A to USB (or RJ 45) console serial cable support?

    This way the TinyPilot could connect to serial-based devices and provide an out of band function?

    This could include a USB to RS232 FTDI chip support.

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    1. C

      Hi Brian - thanks for reaching out to us with your suggestion!

      This is an interesting idea that I don't think has come up before. Could you please describe how you think this might work in a bit more detail? For example, would you imagine a serial console being displayed on the TinyPilot web interface alongside the existing video feed or would you instead expect the TinyPilot device to offer some kind of serial forwarding?

      1. J@jpriddy
          2022-12-08 02:02:49.265Z

          Not Brian, but I came across this post when I was comparing tinypilot to pikvm...

          Use case would be to manage the very switch that is providing the PoE (one of the other reasons I am looking at tinypilot). Managing servers via KVM is great, but frequently I have a need to manage a network switch or some other device that only supports a serial connection that is out of band. I normally have to drag a laptop over plug something like this in:

          and run the native serial port commands to configure the speed, etc:

          $linux_shell: screen /dev/ttyUSB0 9600

          If you guys exposed serial commands (I assume you run linux under the covers) you could also use tinypilot to support pretty much anything that takes a serial port as well after pluggin in pretty much any cheapo generic usb to serial adapter like the one above.

          1. Thanks for the detailed response @jpriddy! The examples you provided are interesting potential use-cases. I can certainly see how this would be a good feature to add. I've shared the suggestion with the team.

            TinyPilot does indeed use Linux as the base operating system - specifically a version of Raspberry Pi OS which itself is a derivative of Debian.

            We've not tested this but if you're comfortable working on the command line you might be able to use a compatible USB-A to serial adapter by accessing your TinyPilot device over an SSH connection.