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1040 G9 wont except Key bored

By Sergio Gonzalez @Ser83637
    2022-11-30 22:44:04.401Z

    I have a 1040 G9 that won't except keyboard until windows is booted and trying to get it booted to Bios, how can I solve this?

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    1. David @david2022-12-01 12:49:25.186Z

      Hi @Ser83637, I'm sorry you have this BIOS issue on your laptop.

      Laptops can be awkward with external devices during boot. One common problem is that laptops often refuse to output to external displays. That may also extend to external keyboards - although I haven't tested it.

      Could you check what happens when you try to enter your laptop's BIOS using TinyPilot's on-screen keyboard with key history enabled? Do you see the keys you typed in a red bubble on the bottom right of the interface, like in my screenshot?

      If you see those red bubbles, it suggests that your laptop is refusing external keyboard input during boot. Some manufacturers may allow you to change this boot behaviour in the BIOS itself.