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VNC support is it coming?

By Don Eugene Paul Viado @depam
    2022-12-05 08:08:07.054Z


    Just wanted to check if VNC is something in the pipeline for Tinypilot. I have asked this before and it seems the answer is that it will take several months and may not be priority. Given all the enhancements, is it something doable now or can be expected near future?

    The tweak on the video settings helped. But if you are accessing the tinypilot from WAN, there is still noticeable lag. I think if its something done locally e.g. Apache Gucamole via VNC it could be faster cause it talks to LAN network and Guacamole seems to be faster from external. I hope this feature is being considered as the official Raspberry PIKVM already have this. Thanks in advance

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    1. David @david2022-12-05 19:30:34.486Z

      Hi @depam, thanks for your question!

      As far as I know, VNC support isn't on the short-term roadmap yet. And unfortunately, I don't have a timeline I can give you. But we're always working to improve TinyPilot's software and hardware. We prioritize features based on user demand, so we'll definitely consider your feedback in our planning. If you're interested, we have an open GitHub issue for adding VNC support that you're welcome to subscribe to for updates.

      If you're having latency issues, one option is to try our experimental H264 support. If you'd rather wait for our next release, TinyPilot's web UI will have full H264 support. You'll be able to toggle between streaming modes and tune the H264 bitrate without the command line.

      Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions.