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Setting up on Hotspot

By @TopBun
    2022-12-15 09:36:34.710Z

    How do I set up/connect to TinyPilot Voyager 2 on telephone hotspot. I am now in US Hotel and it has browser room login. I am out of country don't have my own router/isp. Any other cheap options to set it up need to check if it is suitable for my use.

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    1. David @david2022-12-15 12:35:16.810Z

      Hi @TopBun, thanks for your question!

      Can I clarify the setup / use case here? Is the TinyPilot connected to a remote computer and you want to access it from your hotel? Or is the TinyPilot in the hotel with you, and you want to connect to it via WiFi?

      1. T
        In reply toTopBun:
          2022-12-15 21:44:20.010Z

          Tinypilot with me in Hotel with two laptops.
          Eventually i want to use it over IP from different network. For now I want to set it up to run at all.

          1. David @david2022-12-16 15:13:27.774Z

            Thanks for clarifying!

            Using a phone as a hotspot should work in this situation, but you will need to set up your TinyPilot's WiFi.

            The recommended method for enabling and setting up TinyPilot's WiFi requires an SSH connection over the network - and it doesn't seem like you can do that in this situation.

            Do you have an SD card reader on one of your laptops that would allow you to work with your TinyPilot's SD card? There's a method to enable the WiFi by creating a file and loading it onto TinyPilot's SD card that I can walk you through.

            1. T@TopBun
                2022-12-17 02:19:13.453Z

                I do have card reader!

                1. David @david2022-12-19 13:09:49.163Z


                  In that case, can you remove the card from your TinyPilot, connect it to your laptop, and then do the following:

                  • Open the parition labeled 'boot'
                  • Create a new file called wpa_supplicant.conf
                  • Add the hotspot network details to the file (replace HotspotNetworkName and HotspotPassword with your hotspot's name and password) - you can use Notepad if you're on Windows:
                  • Save the wpa_supplicant.conf file
                  • Insert the SD card into your TinyPilot
                  • Power-on your TinyPilot

                  At this point, your TinyPilot should automatically try to connect to the WiFi network defined in that file.

                  With a laptop and your TinyPilot on the hotspot network, you should be able to open the TinyPilot web interface as normal using https://tinypilot/, https://tinypilot.local/, or https://tinypilot.localdomain/.

                  Happy to help if you have other questions or queries about the process. And let me know how it goes!

                  Depending on the model of phone you're using (and its operating system) the hotspot may not allow devices to connect to each other - if that happens, there's an alternative that we can try.