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VNC Viewer Support?

By Landon Ivy @lsi8
    2022-12-19 17:41:47.018Z

    I normally use VNC Viewer to connect to Raspberry PI at university because I can't configure firewall to connect any other way. Would it be possible to connect to the TinyPilot remotely using VNC Viewer (or some other internet connected option)?

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      Hi Landon - thanks for your great question about accessing your TinyPilot device over VNC.

      VNC isn’t currently supported, although we do have an open GitHub issue for adding it which you are welcome to subscribe to.

      It sounds like the issue is your university firewall. It’s most likely that only inbound connections are restricted, which means that you might be able to use a third party solution to access your TinyPilot device as they shouldn’t require any port forwarding to be configured.