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Older systems... SVGA adapter?

By Brian Jackman @macgyver15042
    2021-04-26 17:31:13.115Z

    I am considering a tiny pilot to do support at a remote location, but not all of the systems there have HDMI or DVI - many are still stuck at SVGA. Has anyone had verified luck with an svga -> hdmi adapter on the capture port?

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    1. I unfortunately don't have an SVGA system to test on, but my guess is that a normal VGA to HDMI adaptor would work. I've never heard reports from customers with compatibility issues on SVGA systems.

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        In reply tomacgyver15042:
        yamato @yamato225
          2021-04-29 15:07:06.107Z

          You can use webcam instead of HDMI adopter.
          Connect your SVGA monitor to your PC, and take the monitor by the webcam.
          This is not smart way but easy and inexpensive.