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Low Resolution/Bad Text Quality

By @TopBun
    2022-12-20 11:09:14.827Z2022-12-20 12:25:13.179Z

    ( Using tinypilot voyager 2 with and without Tailscale). JPEG settings to max. Having rly big issue with reading text and poor resolution. Laptop with TinyPilot voyager 2 1080p over Ethernet. Can HDMI cable affect this? Tested on local network and thru with vpn one laptop highspeed 300/600mbps other medium 100mb/s Same issue on both. Lag seems reasonable/small
    Can Tinypilot have lover resolution as default is it changeable?
    (if you need logs how do I get them using SD card reader) ?

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    1. David @david2022-12-20 13:02:49.076Z

      Hi @TopBun, sorry that you have image quality issues on your TinyPilot.

      Are you able to share a log for me to review? If you have access to your TinyPilot's web interface, you can share one by navigating to System > Logs and then clicking Get Shareable URL. You can paste the link in your reply.

      Could you share a screenshot too? That would help me visualize the issue and figure out what the problem may be.