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Local vs. remote cursor horizontal skew

By @anders
    2022-12-20 23:14:52.929Z

    Got a voyager pro connected to an industrial windows 7 computer with a Quadro K620 that has DVI and Displayport output. Local display is using DVI and duplicate display is output using a couple of adapters through displayport->DVI->HDMI->TinyPilot.

    Native resolution of the local display is 1280x1024 and this is duplicated for output to TinyPilot.

    In browser video view there's black bars on each side. Local and remote cursors are aligned when horizontally centered, but diverge when moving off center with a ratio that corresponds to the extra width of black bars on the sides.

    Anything I can do to get cursor alignment?

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    1. C

      Hi @anders - thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with video distortion.

      I've had a look through the logs you provided and it looks like your computer is outputting 1920x1080 at 50Hz. This may be causing a compatibility issue. Could you please try lowering this to the same resolution, but at 30Hz?

      1. A@anders
          2022-12-22 01:41:54.066Z

          Hi @cghague ,
          Thanks for following up on this. Might be the displayport to DVI adapter causing issues here. Stretching out with NVIDIA settings aligns the cursor, but you can clearly see this is wrong on the elliptical buttons that are supposed to be circular.


          1. A@anders
              2022-12-22 01:43:31.775Z2022-12-22 04:42:28.378Z

              Displayport out to TinyPilot:

              DVI out to local Monitor:

              1. Thank you for getting back to me and providing screenshots! The logs you provided earlier show that your TinyPilot device is using 1080p, whereas the screenshot shows that your computer thinks a maximum of 720p is supported. That could suggest that one of the adapters between the system and your TinyPilot device is incorrectly handling the conversion. Would it be possible for you to try using a direct DisplayPort to HDMI cable to eliminate the extra adapter?

                1. A@anders
                    2022-12-27 14:19:12.249Z

                    Hi Charles,
                    I didn't have a chance to work further on this before breaking off for Christmas holidays. Not sure how much of a difference a DisplayPort to HDMI cable would do. DisplayPort to DVI or HDMI always involves active electronics while DVI<->HDMI is just passive pin to pin with the limitation of being single link supporting resolutions up to 1920x1200@60hz / 2560x1440@30hz. I'm getting hold of a passive DVI splitter and will see how that works out when I get back to the installation site mid January. Outputting the 1280x1024 resolution from just DVI of the graphics card through the splitter to both the local monitor and the TinyPilot ought to work fine.

                    1. Thank you for the detailed response!

                      The screenshot shows a maximum supported resolution of 720p being reported for the TinyPilot device. This is incorrect, so it's likely that one of the adapters in the DisplayPort->DVI->HDMI chain is misreporting and/or limiting the maximum supported resolution. Your proposal of using a direct DVI to HDMI connection could be one possible solution. It could also be worth trying to swap the connections (i.e. connect the local display via DisplayPort and the TinyPilot via DVI) to avoid needing the splitter if that's an option for you.