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A few questions for new user

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2022-12-23 18:26:14.770Z2022-12-23 19:12:47.979Z

    Trying to run wireless keyboard/mouse off usb dongle that's plugged into tiny pilot?

    1. Am I missing something here, I thought in normal hardwired KVM's you plug the USB dongle into the kvm switch and you're done. I'm not getting any output from these two devices, although they show they are powered. Do I have to install Lenovo's drivers on the device?

    2. How can I change the ssh password from its default? The default psswd didn't bring up a change password prompt the first time I ran it, lik the instructions said it would?

    3. Is there a keyboard shortcut I could press, such taht if someone were monitoring me, it wouldn't seem like I'm using another device to connect to said laptop/server?

    4. Is there a way to NOT use the data cable to transfer mouse movement/input to my client laptop ? I'm not sure if it shows a tinypilot connected device to my client laptop, and that could get me into a lot of trouble. Under device manager on windows it just shows up as a usb connected deviec?

    5. WHy is my HTTP connection via tailscale showing as unsecure and NOT https?

    6. how do i get my control+f4 or alt+f4 to stay within my browser/client window and not my host computer (what im using right now), is there a standalone tinypilot screen like teamviewer or other RDP clients?

    7. Is there a keyboard shortcut to full screen?

    Solved in post #5, click to view
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    1. Michael Lynch @michael2022-12-23 20:26:43.234Z2022-12-23 21:37:06.393Z

      Hi @manimgoindowndown - welcome to the forums!

      We'll be able to help you more quickly if you keep threads to a single issue or question. Otherwise, it's going to get confusing keeping track of seven different discussions at once.

      For a lot of these questions, we can also give you more accurate answers if you can share more detail about your scenarios. In a lot of your questions, it would be helpful to know which TinyPilot device you're using, what kind of target computer the TinyPilot is connected to (make, model, OS), what configuration changes you've made, and a link to your log files (from System > Logs > Get Shareable URL).

      Can you start a new thread with one of your questions and we can go from there?

      Also, keep in mind that we're going to be short-staffed for the next week due to the holidays, so responses may be delayed.

      1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
          2022-12-31 00:43:24.900Z

          i am tryign to keep all my questions labeled and in one place....can wait for a response, but would appreciate A response

          Happy holidays! Setup was great once you get it

          1. Hi @manimgoindowndown - sorry, to clarify, we don't process batches of unrelated questions in a single thread like what's posted above.

            Can you pick one question from the list and start a new thread?

        • M
          Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
            2022-12-31 00:42:53.284Z

            also why wont my keyboard strokes go through more preceisely

            sometimes i get control stuck, other times tabbing in my remote client browser works othertime it defaults to the host browser?

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