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Browser Tab rename

By @tinyuser2022
    2022-12-29 23:20:02.160Z

    Hi, i would like to rename the tab name from "tinypilot" to something more common like "laptop1 ...".
    How can this be done?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Hi @tinyuser2022 - thanks for your great question about changing the page title.

      The most reliable way to do this is to change the hostname of your TinyPilot device. The page title will then be automatically prefixed with the new hostname. For example, if you set your TinyPilot device's hostname to "demo" the page title would become "demo - tinypilot".

      You can change the hostname of your TinyPilot device by going to System and then Hostname.

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        In reply totinyuser2022:
          2023-01-02 08:54:58.637Z

          Thank you - had to do the rename in /etc/hostname since the menu doesnt work, it always gave me an error.

          1. I'm glad to hear that you were able to resolve this by editing /etc/hostname and I'm sorry to hear that you get an error when using the menu. Could you please let me know what error you see when using the menu?

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            In reply totinyuser2022:
              2023-01-02 16:54:34.707Z

              i got this: Invalid hostname: it can only contain the letters a-z, digits and dashes (it cannot start with a dash, though). It must contain 1-63 characters and cannot be "localhost".
              EVEN when only use a-z characters. You can try it by your own with the recent software. It should not work.

              1. Thanks for getting back to me! I've not been able to replicate this locally - could you please let me know what hostname you were trying to set?

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                In reply totinyuser2022:
                  2023-01-04 16:39:28.907Z
                  1. Thanks for the screenshot! The issue is that the first letter is uppercase which isn't supported. Hostname case sensitivity varies across applications and operating systems and so, while it may sometimes be possible to set a hostname that contains uppercase letters, using anything other than lowercase letters, digits and dashes can lead to unexpected behaviour. I'd therefore recommend changing your hostname to use entirely lowercase if at all possible.

                  2. T
                    In reply totinyuser2022:
                      2023-01-04 16:52:13.127Z

                      Well i did already set the hostname to uppercase in /etc/hostname and it works without any problems. I never heard that a hostname is case sensitive and upper cases leading to a problem.

                      1. Thank you for confirming. According to RFC1034, hostnames are treated as case-insensitive but with the caveat that someday, this might change. This has numerous implications and has led to a de-facto approach in many contexts of using lowercase only. Therefore, using a mixed case hostname for your TinyPilot device will likely work but could lead to unexpected behavior with some systems and software.