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Video brightness little dull

By v @gdp123
    2021-04-26 20:53:30.529Z


    I recently got my TinyPilot. I have set it up ,but I notice there is a difference in the brightness of the Target host in other monitor. Are there any configurations that can be applied
    so the brightness is retained ?

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    1. What model TinyPilot are you using?

      It's not possible to adjust the brightness on the Voyager.

      The Hobbyist kit does support changing the brightness.

      To begin, open the ustreamer.service file:

      nano /lib/systemd/system/ustreamer.service

      You'll see an ExecStart line that begins like this:

      ExecStart=/opt/ustreamer/ustreamer \
        --host \
        --port 8001

      At the end of the ExecStart section, add the following line and save the file. You can choose different values for brightness between -128 and 127 (the default is -11).

        --brightness 30

      To apply the changes to the video stream, run this command after saving the ustreamer.service file:

      sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo service ustreamer restart

      You can try again for different --brightness settings if that doesn't work.

      Once you find a setting you like, you can save it to settings so that it persists across software updates. Add the following to your /home/tinypilot/settings.yml file:

      ustreamer_brightness: 30
      1. @gdp123 - It looks like you replied by email, but the forum doesn't actually support that yet.

        Unfortunately, the Voyager does not support changing brightness settings. It's a higher quality capture, but the hardware offers fewer options for adjusting the video.

        1. Gv @gdp123
            2021-04-29 01:41:39.795Z

            Does the Voyager Capture device different than the hobbist kit one ? Also what hardware options to enhance the brightness in the voyager ? Please let me know.

            1. Yes, the Voyager and the Hobbyist kit use different capture devices. The Voyager uses the TC358743 chip, whereas the Hobbyist kits use the MS2109 chip.

              There is unfortunately no way I know of to adjust brightness on the Voyager's hardware.