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How to install Tinypilot Voyager 2 - from Personal Laptop to J1 Work Laptop?

By @FireofCourage
    2023-01-02 04:19:32.550Z

    Hi all, here’s my situation:

    • J1 requires me to work hybrid, at least 2 days in the office
    • so I’m planning to bring my personal laptop so that I can do both J1 and J2 work on the same machine
    • bought a tinypilot voyager 2 based on my research. So here I am with that, and my personal laptop and J1 work laptop.

    My question:

    • I'm trying to set up connections as shown in the attached pic:
    • how exactly to install and connect tiny voyager 2 to my 2 laptops?

    Would appreciate if you can show some pics or videos for understanding it easier

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    1. David @david2023-01-03 13:28:25.156Z

      Hi @FireofCourage, thanks for your question about your unique setup!

      I'm not sure if I completely understand your planned setup. The image you shared seems to show a different setup from the information you listed in your post. From your post, it sounds like you're trying to use a single TinyPilot to control 2 laptops (J1 and J2), is that correct?

      The image shows multiple TinyPilots connected to individual target machines. If that's the setup, you should be able to connect to each individually. Changing the hostname on each TinyPilot (to TinyPilot1 and TinyPilot2 for example) will allow you to connect more easily.

      You can change the hostnames by going to System > Hostname and entering a new hostname. It takes about 60 seconds for TinyPilot to change the hostname, update its TLS certificates, and reboot with the new name.

      Please let me know if I've understood correctly.