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Upgrade Buster to Bullseye

By Alkis Georgopoulos @alkisg
    2023-01-22 08:57:36.782Z

    Hi, I tried to upgrade the official tinypilotkvm Buster device/image to Bullseye, by following the Debian instructions for upgrades.
    The process failed due to some of the tinypilot packages and the device now won't even boot. No need to troubleshoot, I'll reinstall the initial Buster image.

    My question is, is there any documentation available that specifically targets tinypilot image/OS upgrades and their quirks?
    The updates page doesn't cover upgrades, and on github I saw mentions that Buster => Bullseye upgrades aren't supported.

    Is this true, are upgrades not supported and we should instead reinstall the newer OS images, when they become available?

    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Hi Alkis - thanks for your message about upgrading from Raspberry Pi OS Buster.

      This is actually a limitation of Raspberry Pi OS rather than TinyPilot specifically. In short, there is no officially supported way to upgrade from Buster to Bullseye without re-flashing the microSD card.

      One of our top priorities is upgrading the TinyPilot image to be based on Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye. The recommend upgrade path will be to re-flash your microSD card with this image once it is available.

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