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Error when connecting in browser

By @TopBun
    2023-01-24 02:47:09.003Z2023-01-24 02:54:08.829Z

    Using Tinypilot voyager with Tailscale on ethernet cable over IP. Was working before that, but was having internet issues.
    Any ideas what happened or how to fix? Getting before the login page should be popuping. instead get this:
    {"code":null,"message":"unable to open database file"}

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      Hi @TopBun - thanks for reaching out, I’m sorry to hear you can’t access your TinyPilot device.

      I’ve not seen that error message before so we’ll need to investigate further. Would you be able to send a screenshot as it may help me to ascertain where the error message is coming from?

      In the meantime, can you try accessing your TinyPilot device over a local network if that’s possible? Could you please also try connecting using SSH either locally or over Tailscale?

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        In reply toTopBun:
          2023-01-25 03:15:56.929Z

          It is in chrome browswer after entering IP. Tailscale and connection seems to be legit. But ISP has line splitter with two modems and two pilots on different modems. One pilot is ok other is giving this out:

          1. It looks like the TinyPilot device wasn’t able to start the web UI correctly. Can you please try connecting over SSH and, if that works, can you restart the TinyPilot device by running sudo reboot?

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            In reply toTopBun:
              2023-01-31 04:40:22.858Z

              Just did a factory reset. SSH Works now. Pilot is connected to modem without router. Do not know pilots local IP. Having Problems installing Tailscale. Following this:
              Any other methods or extra steps in installing Tailscale?

              1. Thanks for the update, I’m pleased to hear that you’ve restored access to your TinyPilot device.

                You can display your Ethernet network connection details by running ifconfig eth0 in your SSH session. Your TinyPilot device’s IP address will be shown directly after the word “inet” in the output.

                It looks like your TinyPilot device was unable to connect to the operating system update servers to install Tailscale. Can you please check that your TinyPilot device has Internet access by running ping -c 4 If there is a working Internet connection you should see four lines starting with “64 bytes from…”.

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                In reply toTopBun:
                  2023-01-31 15:39:40.180Z

                  Tried Sudo Reboot

                  pilot@tinypilot:~ $ ping -c 4
                  ping: Temporary failure in name resolution
                  pilot@tinypilot:~ $

                  Pc is on the same line and has Internet. Internet lights were flickering as a good connection.

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                    In reply toTopBun:
                      2023-02-02 01:27:33.584Z

                      Problem was connecting dirrectly to modem without a router. Issue fixed when connecting modem+router.

                      1. Thanks for sharing the solution with us, it’s really appreciated! Modems are often designed to only support a single device (e.g. a router) so that certainly makes sense.

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