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Two networks?

By Neil H @heffneil
    2021-04-28 12:54:14.348Z

    Hey guys I think I am on my wired lan as well as my wireless lan. I see in my router two IP address for "tinypilot". Is there a way to disable the wifi?

    I am having some connection issues via VPN right now within my network. I can't seem to get video on my tinypilot - even after rebooting it (which has helped in the past). Just wondering if my host is dead - which could be possible...



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    1. Being connected on both wifi and LAN shouldn't cause any issues, but you can disable WiFi on the TinyPilot by SSHing in and running this command:

      sudo rfkill block wifi

      If you ever want to turn it back on, it's the same command, except unblock instead of block.