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Can I use the tinypilot as a wifi hotspot?

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2023-01-27 01:37:18.725Z
    1. i dont have wifi enabled yet, but im curious, as opposed to connecting to the tinypilot's wifi ssd (presumably)is there a way to feed an ethernet cable from a router with internet, or a computer, into tinypilot, and have my tinypilot , which has tailscale setup on it, broadcast a wifi network that other devices can connect to wirelessly?
    2. similar to above if I plug in a router's ethernet to my tinypilot, can i use a usb port to feed out internet that the tinypilot is getting my computer, since the tinypilot only has one ethernet port? Thank you
    Solved in post #2, click to view
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      Charles Hague @cghague2023-01-31 13:40:53.172Z2024-01-04 16:06:23.369Z

      Update (2024-01-04): We now have instructions for using your TinyPilot as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

      Hi Murmad Man, thanks for your great questions about networking a TinyPilot device and sorry for the delay in responding.

      We don’t support using the TinyPilot as a Wi-Fi hotspot although it should be possible to do so in theory. I’m afraid I’m unable to provide instructions on how to do this, so I’d recommend checking out the Raspberry Pi documentation on setting up a routed wireless access point and the Tailscale network relay node article as a starting point if you’d like to explore this further.

      In terms of sharing a connection over the USB-C cable - this is something we’re in the early stages of working on. There isn’t a timescale for this just yet so I’d recommend keeping an eye on our blog for updates.

      1. MMurmad Man @manimgoindowndown
          2023-01-31 18:48:54.124Z

          if i wanted to do this, is there a way to 'image' or backup my tinypilot box? Just copy all the contents of the sd card, to another sd card?

          1. Thanks for the great question! Your TinyPilot device runs from a microSD card which makes it easy to restore. You can do this by following our instructions on how to factory reset your device. If you’d prefer to backup your system exactly as it is you can use a tool like Balena Etcher to save a backup image of the microSD card to your computer. I’d recommend using the factory reset option as it can be quicker and ensures you’ve restored to a clean system state.