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Error: Malformed API response, content type must be JSON. Response status: 504

By Murmad Man @manimgoindowndown
    2023-01-27 02:05:17.498Z2023-01-27 02:51:55.265Z

    i try to turn on ssh on the security page in tinypilot, it shows disconnected after a few seconds (red button on bottom left), but I get this error in a pop up. Refreshing shows ssh still disabled. how to fix this?

    Also any commands, once I do ssh, to update and keep everything on the tinypilot updated, thanks? I can't seem to use the gui splash page to update it just gets stuck on 'Retrieving update logs from TinyPilot device...
    " been waiting 40 minutes.

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    1. David @david2023-01-27 12:32:56.439Z

      Hi @manimgoindowndown, sorry that you're having issues enabling SSH and updating.

      From your description of the issues, it sounds like the filesystem on the SD card may be corrupt. In that situation, reading and writing files can fail, which might be why your TinyPilot can't retrieve the update logs or enable SSH.

      Could you try re-flashing your SD card and see if that solves the issue? If a re-flash works, it can be a good idea to enable the read-only filesystem to help reduce the risk of filesystem corruption in the future.